The natural image and its reflection expresses the beautiful harmonic architecture of the apparent complex disorder of nature. It comes out a mystery, a symbolic code that interacts with our perception with a completely personal and subconscious form. 


The jungle is a metaphor for the unknown, wild and dark part of human nature, but also a reminder of the miracle of life that shines through it and can lead us to new perceptions of the human landscape. There is a something alive in itself, from immemorial time, and that is at the base of our deepest essence.


The story of my life

Documenting the situation of HIV in Guatemala and Honduras through the stories of the vulnerable people like women sex workers, transsexual and HsH

Maternal & child health in Guatemala & Honduras

Documenting the situation of maternal and child mortality in Guatemala and Honduras

I am present

The most important archaeological sites of ancient civilizations are visited by tourists of current civilization.Millions of people, visitors and tourists use photos to capture their presence in front of the historical signs that glorify the supposed eternal life of these ancient societies. It seems a vain attempt to say "I am Here" as an unconscious will to exorcise the natural decadence of every civilization. A sort of shocking contradiction that puts individuals in the mystery of history and in the contemporary search for a personal sense. 

Machu Picchiu

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